Turbo Yeast SW20
Турбо дрожжи оптом
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Turbo Yeast SW20 1kg

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Turbo Yeast SW20
Home Alcohol Distilling and Industrial Fermentation

Turbo Yeast SW20 ferments sugar into high alcohol wash producing 19%-20% in just 3-5 days or less. Comprised of a mix of very alcohol tolerant yeast and complex  nutrients, quickly ferments a pure sugar or grain solution into alcohol. Designed to perform very well under different fermentation conditions. Is ideally suited for manufacture of spirit and high alcoholic drinks both for home brewers and bigger production volumes. Ideal for fermentation of any sugar based feedstock: sugar syrup, juice, wine, cider, etc. For more information and wholesale prices please Contact us

Nt Wt: 1kg, Dosage:100g/23L
Add direct into the fermenting vessel

» 14% ABV within 48 hrs Optimum liquid temperature 30-32C
» 20% ABV within 4 days Optimum liquid temperature 25-27C