Turbo Yeast QuickFerm 1kg

Turbo Yeast QuickFerm 1kg

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Home Alcohol Distilling and Industrial Fermentation

QuickFerm Turbo Yeast ferments sugar into high alcohol wash producing 17%-18% in 5-8 days or less.
Comprised of a mix of alcohol tolerant yeast specially selected strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisae and a complex of nutrients and enzymes, designed for a quick start and rapid fermentation to ferment a pure sugar or grain solution into alcohol.
Performs very well under different fermentation conditions. Suited for the manufacture of spirit and high alcohol drinks.
Can ferment 7.5 kg of sugar in a total volume of 25 L of wash. Ideal start temperature: 30-35°C and preferably constant during the whole fermentation process.

Add direct into the fermenting vessel

Note: mixtures temperature should not exceed 30-35°C before adding yeast to it !!