Green Tea Loose Leaf 500g
Green Tea Loose Leaf
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Green Tea Loose Leaf 500g

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Green Tea

High in antioxidants and the amino acid theanine, our green teas
are expertly blended for a rich and powerful aroma, leaving a cup full
of fantastic flavours for you to enjoy.

The consumption of Green Tea is believed to have originated in China sometime before 2700 BC, where it has been enjoyed both as a beverage drink for its wonderful taste and for its incredible health benefits, such as: strengthening the immune system and helping the body fight free radicals which helps maintain a healthy body and youthful appearance. It has become popular in the entire world since it was first drunk in the Orient and has since then been enjoyed both as a highly potent health supplement and as the incredible beverage that it is.

Brewing Tips:
Water temperature is a critical factor.
Too hot water brings out bitter taste and sweet and complex flavours will be lost.
Bring a kettle to boil and leave for about 3 min to cool down to 70-90C.
Measure appr. one teaspoon of tea leaves for a cup of tea.
Steeping time: Chinese green teas usually require 1-3 min to steep.
Experimenting is recommended within that range.