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Carob Powder 2.5kg (2 x 1.25kg) Premium Quality Natural Chocolate Cocoa Substitute

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Carob Powder

Carob powder is a 100% natural food ingredient made of roasted and then finely ground carob pulp and is available in different colours which correspond to the grade of roasting. Carob is an evergreen flowering shrub, belonging to the pea family. Native to the Mediterranean region especially in the eastern and southern area of Spain, carob is cultivated for its edible seeds. Consumed since ancient times, it is also known as Saint John’s Bread or locust bean. It is used as a substitute in making various products such as baked goods, bars, snacks, cereal, dairy products, cocoa-containing products and beverages.

Uses of carob powder
» Bakery products and biscuits
» Breakfast cereals
» Chocolate bars
» Coatings, couverture and spreads
» Colourings and flavourings
» Milk and soy shakes

General Tips
» Carob forms an important commercial stabilizer and thickener in bakery goods, ice cream, jelly, salad dressings, cheese, bologna, sauces, salami, canned meats, fish, mustard and other food products.
» Hot beverages are made using carob powder, instead of coffee.
» For making cookies and muffins, carob chips are used in place of chocolate chips.