Yeast Nutrient DAP Di-ammonium Phosphate 1kg
diammonium phosphate DAP nutrient
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Yeast Nutrient DAP Di-ammonium Phosphate 1kg

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Diammonium Phosphate-DAP

Multipurpose yeast nutrient for wine beer and alcohol fermentation

Yeast Nutrient DAP-  is a diammonium phosphate compound used in various food industries. The dual source of ammonia and phosphorus makes it a qualitative source of nutrients in bio-processing, fermentation and fertilisation.

Main applications:

- wine
- alcoholic fermentation
Useful to prevent slow fermentations by delivering the valuable nitrogen and phosphate to the yeast cells and improve their growth rate.


Add the yeast nutrient directly to the must before the fermentation at the rate of 3-5g (half to full teaspoon) per 10L. Stuck fermentations can also be treated at a later stage. Do not exceed the total amount of 15g (3 teaspoons) applied.

Nutritional data, value per 100g:

- Energy, Fats, Carbohydrates, Fibres, Proteins, Salt: 0 g
- Phosphorus: 23421 mg
- Calcium: 400 mg
- Iron: 1 mg

Product characteristics:

- Diammonium phosphate + anticaking agent
- Food grade