Yeast and ingredient set for 23 litres

Set of Homebrew Ingredients to make 23L of Wine

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Home Brew Set of Ingredients
to make 23 L of Wine

» Wine Yeast & Yeast Nutrient 30g
» SmartClear-A 15g
» SmartClear-B 50g

1. The set is sufficient to ferment 23 L of wash. Pour Wine Yeast & Yeast Nutrient into the mixture and stir slowly.
Close the lid of the fermenter tightly with the airlock in place and half filled with water.
Note: the mixture’s temperature should not exceed 28- 30 °C before adding yeast to it.

2. Store the fermenter at a constant room temperature. Fermentation process can take 1-2 weeks.

3. Once the fermentation process is complete and the beverage has been stabilized, add the fining agents SmartClear-A and SmartClear-B directly to the beverage:
- add SmartClear-A first, stir well and leave for one hour
- add SmartClear-B, stir well again and leave to clear.