Pomegranate dried Peel 1kg
Pomegranate dried peel
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Pomegranate Peel 1kg

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Pomegranate Dried Peel

Perhaps no one would dispute the fact that pomegranate - a
wonderful gift of nature, endowed with a variety of useful properties.

The peel contains alkaloids pelterin, izopelterin, metilizopelterin and they have a strong anthelminthic action.
Pomegranate peel contains 2 times more antioxidants than pomegranate seeds, namely flavonoids, phenolic compounds and proanthocyanidins.
Dried, ground to powder peel is used in cosmetics to treat burns, cracks and scratches. Pomegranate peel added to your tea will help balance the nervous system, relieve anxiety, excitement, get rid of insomnia.

The health benefits of pomegranate peel
» Removes toxins
» Oral hygiene
» A rich source of vitamin C
» Bleeding

Pomegranate peel for skin and hair
» Moisturizing properties
» Removes toxins
» UV protection
» Oral hygiene
» Anti-aging qualities
» For healthy hair