Lemon peel dried 1kg
Lemon peel dried
Orange peel dried 1kg
Orange peel dried
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Orange & Lemon Peels 1kg

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Dried Orange and Lemon Peels

It is quite often that people throw away orange and lemon peels.Surprisingly, it is the peel that contains substantially more polyphenols, enzymes, flavonoids, phyto-nutrients, vitamins and minerals compared to the pulp, but completely miss the calories, sugar and sodium, which makes the product irreplaceable.

Pectin contained in citrus peels in large quantities has a positive effect on the gastric and intestinal tract. Phytoncides, such as pectin and citric acids, has long been known as natural antibiotics for killing microbes and treating coughs, colds, flu, fevers, and bronchitis.

Vitamins D, E, K, P, carotene and elementary prophylaxis against osteoporosis - calcium - apart from vitamin C, are contained in citrus peels. Aromatic compounds and essential oils from citrus peel have properties as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antispasmodic and antiseptic. Bitter compounds increase the production of digestive fluid and increase blood circulation.

Dried citrus peel is widely used in:
» Candy
» Medicine
» Drinks and beverages
» Cosmetic (creams, masks, perfumes etc.)
» Culinary (fish and meat dishes, sauces, cakes and cookies etc.)
» Drop a teaspoon into a brewing pot for a nice citrus flavour tea
» Pulverize with coarse salt and sprinkle over popcorn
» Crush them and whisk the bits into homemade vinaigrettes and marinades
» Add them to your water bottle
» Simmer in a pot of creamy rice pudding
» Make candied peels