chamomile flowers powder, dried chamomile powder
Chamomile Flowers Powder
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Chamomile Flowers Powder 100g

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Chamomile flowers powder

For relax and good sleep, Is an Anti-oxidant and has an Anti-bacterial function

In ancient times in Egypt, chamomile used to be prescribed as a treatment for digestive problems and to reduce fevers. It’s a flowering plant belonging to the daisy family and has for long been renowned as a powerful herbal remedy for promoting better sleep as it relaxes both the body and brain by reducing anxiety as well as being slightly sedating. It is also used in cosmetics and added to certain nutritional supplements.

How to Enjoy Chamomile Powder:
Add 1-2 spoons directly into your favorite hot or cold beverage and stir. Can also be sprinkled directly into or over your food and added when you bake to give your cakes or cookies that slight floral aroma.