Wine tannin
chestnut tannin
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Wine Tannin 1kg

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Used to improve the composition and taste of wine, giving it
astringency, full flavor and improving their aromatic qualities.

Tannins are also used as a clarifying organic material, capable of reacting with the components of wine and accelerate its clarification by precipitation. Natural and environmentally friendly product that does not contain any chemical additives. Tannins should be kept in a dry dark place. Tannin improves color and brightness of white wines, suppress roughness and astringency sensations in red wines contemporaneously improving the aroma.  Combines with the wine components in a few days and its reducing affect enables to obtain wines which remain stable in time , it enables to improve the quality and the sensation of gustative fullness of sparkling wines fermented in the bottle or in autoclave. It softens the odor and the aggressive taste of acetic acid in wine vinegars. It enhances structure, aids color stabilization and provides antioxidant protection. It also improves the bacteriostatic and antioxidant action of sulfur dioxide.

Red wine: 1-20 g/100 l wine, according to personal taste.
White wine: 1-5 g/100 l wine, according to personal taste.