Rosehips Whole dried 1kg
Dried rosehip 1kg
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Rosehips Whole 1kg

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Dried Rose hips
Herbal Tea, Syrup, Health, Home wine making

Rose hips are very rich in vitamin and mineral complex. They contain a lot of vitamin C - approximately 7-10 times more than in black currants and 40-50 times more than in lemons. They also contain a lot of minerals and tannins.

Calcium, Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus , Sodium, Iron, Zinc , Copper .

Essential vitamins:
C, E, PP, B2, B1.

Use and beneficial properties:
» Strengthens the immune system
» Strengthens blood vessels and normalizes metabolism
» Protects against harmful cholesterol
» Lowers blood pressure
» Stimulates digestion, improves appetite
» Antioxidant, removes toxins from the body