Lemon Powder
Dried Lemon Powder
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Lemon Powder 1kg

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€16,95 EUR
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Whole Dried Lemon Powder 1kg

Made from whole dried lemon including pulp, seeds, peel and high amount of the fresh
lemon juice hence the bitter taste is characteristic for the product.

Product Description and Function (What it is and what it is used for)
A very delicate low-temperature natural drying process is used to remove only the moisture contained in the fruit, retaining all of the valuable nutrients. The lemons have been grown in Turkey and processed without the use of any chemicals. 12kg of fresh lemons are used to obtain 1kg of the powder. All parts of the fruit are used: the skin, the pulp, the seeds and the juice. The powder is a low-cost, convenient way to enjoy the benefits of whole lemons on a daily basis. Lemon has many diverse applications. Although it is acidic, the metabolism of the lemon by the body will actually cause it to become slightly alkaline, which is less tolerable for fungus. It is a natural anti-microbial, supports kidney, liver and bowel functions, and has a very attractive smell. Just smelling the pleasant aroma of this product can make you feel good.;

Dosage and Application (How to use it)
Meals, healthy snacks, muesli, cereal and breakfast products, dessert, pudding and chocolate, biscuits, cakes and crispbreads. Cosmetics, masks, body wraps and scrubs, soaps. Dosages differ depending on the application purposes.