White Tea Loose Leaf 50g
Silver Needle white tea
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White Tea Loose Leaf 50g

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White tea

White tea - a storehouse of useful properties. In China, it has long its fame as "the elixir of longevity." The production of white tea is held minimally processed, allowing you to save the greatest number of nutrients, which is rich in fresh tea leaves. Range of properties of white tea is very wide: it strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body, strengthens blood clotting and helps heal wounds, prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, tumors and even tooth decay. Consumed daily white tea can be considered a natural helper to gently and unobtrusively perform their healing function.

Useful properties of white tea
The beneficial properties of white tea were known in China since ancient times and it was accepted as a medicinal drink, invigorating, as an elixir of health due to "vitamin alphabet" contained in tea leaves.

Vitamins contained in white tea
Vitamin-A a powerful antioxidant and an antioxidant.
Vitamin-B1 B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflamin), B15 (pantothenic  acid)
Vitamin-PP (nicotinic acid)-antiallergic vitamin.
Vitamin C tea leaf in its several times more than lemon
Vitamin P which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, found in white tea in a record number - 85 units