Vodka turbo yeast

Vodka Turbo Yeast 1kg

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Vodka Turbo Yeast
Active dried vodka distiller’s yeast blended with
complete nutrients and glucoamylase enzyme

Active dry vodka distiller’s yeast with a complete urea-based blend of nutrients (containing nitrogen, phosphorous, magnesium, essential vitamins and trace minerals)  and glucoamylase enzyme to aid dextrin sugars conversion into fermentable ones. Stress-free fermentation of high purity alcohol with excellent conversion of sugar to ethanol/maximised yield by an unique, highly viable yeast strain ensuring a short lag phase and reduced risk of bacterial infection. Can be used to ferment any fermentable sugar substrate up to 14% ABV. Best for fermenting grains and potatoes. To break down the starch into dextrins prior to fermentation, all grains/potatoes must be fully enzymatically converted by ‘mashing’ with alpha-amylase.

Dosage, application and storage:
» All grain mash or extract solution sufficient to achieve 14% ABV, or a potato mash for potato vodka: 2.9g/1L
direct into fermentation vessel with liquid temperature at 20-28°C and fermentation media at 28-32 °C.

» If stored in original, closed packaging below 10°C storage temperature >90% viability will remain at 24 months;
» Once opened ensure packing is properly re-sealed and stored in a refrigerator and use within 5 months