Turbo Yeast 48 1kg
Turbo Yeast 48 1kg wholesale
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Turbo Yeast 48 1kg

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Turbo Yeast 48
to make high quality spirits and alcohol beverages

Turbo Yeast 48 is based on the temperature and high alcohol tolerant strain of yeast blended with a balanced mixture of vitamins, minerals, nitrogen compounds, pH regulator and an antifoaming agent - all the components needed for the yeast to work at its best. Ideal for any alcohol fermentation and any kind of raw materials, even of average quality. Perfect for creating a high alcohol wash. Only pure fully chemically defined ingredients and no yeast extract. 20% alc in 5-6 days or 14% alc in 48 hours. The alcohol level is determined by the amount of added sugar. For more information and wholesale prices please Contact us

Nt Wt: 1kg

Add direct into the fermenting vessel
» 14% ABV within 48 hrs Optimum liquid temperature 30-32C
» 20% ABV within 4-5 days Optimum liquid temperature 22-27C