Pumpkin powder 1kg
Pumpkin Powder
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Pumpkin Powder 1kg

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Pumpkin powder

100% Natural, no additives,
no sugar and preservatives are added

Dry pumpkin powder is produced using fresh pumpkin pulp. The drying and milling processes ensure the complete preservation of all useful substances. In fact, some of nutritional values even increase.
Fresh pumpkin contains about 94% water before it is dried. About 10-15 kg of pumpkin is used to obtain 1 kg of dry pumpkin powder. No additives, no sugar and preservatives are added. Pumpkin powder is rich in carotene, vitamins, pectin, magnesium, potassium, copper, cobalt and calcium.

Pumpkin powder has a yellow colour and an aroma characteristic for the vegetable and can be used both independently and in various dishes:
» as a thickener in soups, cereals, salads, kissel, sauces and gravies;
» as a colouring additive and a pleasant aromatisator in desserts, cakes, beverages and breadcrumbs.

Examples and dosages of use:
» Replace/add to your stock a warm solution of the powder when making soups.
» Pumpkin juice: dilute 2ts (10g) of powder in 250ml of warm water.
» Mash: dissolve in warm water till the consistency of mashed potatoes, add salt, pepper and butter to taste.
» Mix 1 part of powder and 6 parts of flour for baking.