Gum Arabic powder
Arabic gum powder Halal
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Gum Arabic Powder 1kg Premium Quality Food Grade Acacia

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€24,95 EUR
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Arabic Gum Powder

Natural,Food Grade,no artificial additives

Arabic Gum is a dried edible gummy exudates derived from the stems and branches of Acacia plant species such as Acacia Senegal, Acacia Laeta and Acacia Seyal. Large amounts of Arabic Gum are widely used in our foods nowadays due being rich in the soluble fiber. Over 90% of its fiber content easily dissolves in the water. It is also a complex mixture of polysaccharides and glycoproteins and an original source of the ribose and arabinose. Mix it up with your regular food to  increase its fiber content without altering the color or texture of the food. Fiber rich products give the feeling of the fullness and make us consume less food / loose weight quicker. Arabic Gum is widely used in: dairy products, baby food, confectionery, bakery, juices and soft drinks, red wine, beer and liquors. In folk medicine it is widely used to treat: skin wounds such as burns, cuts, leprosy, digestive issues, gonorrhea, coughs, dysentery, colds, dental health, chronic heart diseases, diabetes.

More benefits
» Promotes good digestion
» Alleviates constipation
» Strengthens immune system
» Controls blood sugar
» Lowers cholesterol
» Treats sore throat
» Keeps teeth healthy
» Aids weight loss
» Fights oxidative stress
» Improves kidney function