ginger powder dried ginger root
Ginger Powder 1kg
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Ginger Root Powder 1kg

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Ginger Root Powder;

Came to us from the East where ginger was traditionally recommended to all who wants to lose excess weight. According to the Tibetan representations, ginger belongs to hot. Products which kindle blood circulation and accelerate a metabolism.

Ginger tea is considered for weight loss thanks to the essential oil which principal components are shogaols and gingerol. Ginger is an antioxidant therefore the use of a cup of such tea in a day can be a fight element for a clean, glowing skin without wrinkles and a good health at any age.

Dishes seasoned with ginger seem to be more intense and fragrant. Ginger improves digestion, especially the digestion of protein, and promotes the development and use of energy by the body.