Apple chunks dried
Dried apple chunks apple tea
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Apple Chunks 1kg Dried Unpeeled

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€16,95 EUR
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Dried Apple Dices

» Add fruity flavour to your dishes
» Make your wine and сider
» Delicious apple tea or tea blends
» Fruit breads and various desserts

Can be used to make wine and cider, muesli, cakes, pastries, fruit breads and various desserts. Perfect for tea or tea blends. Contain: various sugars (fructose, glucose, sucrose), organic acids (malic, citric, tartaric), pectin, tanning and coloring agents, mineral salts, organic compounds of iron and phosphorus, vitamins and essential oils. The composition of essential oils includes acetaldehyde and esters of amyl alcohol with formic, acetic, caproic and caprylic acids.

» Pure natural product.
» Rich in vitamins and minerals.
» No preserving agents, acidifiers, sweeteners, colouring agents or other artificial additives.