Mushrooms dried
Mushrooms ried
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Champignon Mushrooms 500g

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Dried Champignon Mushrooms

Champignon Mushrooms are often compared with the meat due to the high protein content. Therefore, they are included in the menu with dietary and vegetarian meals. People suffering from diabetes, as well as adhering to a low-salt diet, as can safely add the dried mushrooms in your diet. You do not have to deprive yourself of valuable proteins, minerals and vitamins. Dried Champignon mushrooms contain around 20% protein and are also high in riboflavin, free of fat, sodium and cholesterol, low in calories while being a good source of niacin (vitamin B3) and pantothenate (vitamin B5).

Dried mushrooms can be a complete substitute for fresh mushrooms, they are used in a variety of dishes. They combine perfectly with vegetables, cereals, pasta, mushrooms and potatoes , the mushrooms to taste and nutritional value are not inferior to meat. Therefore, they are often used as an alternative to meat products, which is especially important in vegetarian dishes.

They feel great with chicken, pork, lamb, etc. the products can stew in pots, bake and fry. Mushrooms - the perfect ingredient for a variety of sauces and gravies. Especially well they are combined with cheese and cream , omelets or scrambled eggs . Keep in mind that dried mushrooms have a more intense flavor than fresh. Champignon mushrooms are filling for cakes, pies and pizzas. Mushrooms are added to soups and even use the mushroom soup as a base for soups.