Bentonite 100g
Bentonite fining agent
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Bentonite Clay Powder 100g Wine Making Fining & Clearing

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Bentonite Clay powder
Multipurpose fining agent, absorbent swelling clay

Bentonite is a clay formed from the volcanic ash. Bentonite is principally used to remove proteins from white wines, red wines and juice. A bentonite powder, which clarifies by flocculation, is easily dissolved and suitable for fining wines with protein or colloid hazes.

How to use:
Strew bentonite slowly into an approx. 3-5-fold quantity of water under constant stirring. Allow to swell and settle for at least 4-6 hours, better for 12 hours. Then add the suspension to the vessel and mix thoroughly to provide an even distribution.

Dosage: 5-12g/ 10 Litre