Apple powder for wine making
Apple powder for wine & cider making
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Apple Powder 1kg Wine Making

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Apple powder for wine making
100% natural product, free from artificial additives

Natural apple powder, specially designed for the production of wines. To achieve the best results in the final product sweet-sour and autumn-winter varieties of apples are used. Apples are crushed with peels and seeds, as they comprise a plurality of the solid matter in the fermentation processes and then enrich the flavour and aroma qualities of wines. The traditional drying and processing of the apples ensures both their food value and aromatic properties are retained.

380g of powder is enough to make 23L of dry wine 10-11% alc.

The set included:
* Apple powder 1kg
* 25g wine yeast 
* 36g yeast nutrient
* instructions

* Apple powder pack: dried apple powder
* Ingredients pack: yeast (dried yeast, emulsifier E491), nutrient (yeast nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals)

* Apple powder pack: none (present in product), cereals, soya, celery and mustard (handled with by manufacturer)
* Ingredients pack: none

Allergen Statement
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